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Outdoor Season

Spring 2018

Registration will open in January 24th

Program Information

U4 to U6

• 1 hour per week on Sundays (every attempt will be made to schedule games no earlier than noon). 1/2 hour practice with professional coaching staff followed by 1/2 hour game (8 weeks). Each team will have a volunteer coach for the game. Games are overseen by professional coaching staff
• Each player will receive a free team t-shirt
Fee: $150 ( $130 if registered before Feb 10th)

1st Grade to 8th Grade

• 1 game per week on Saturdays (8 weeks)
• 1 practice per week at the coach’s discretion
• Skills training sessions with professional coaching staff 
• Awards for division winners

Fee: $150 ( $130 if registered by Feb 10th)
New Players  must purchase uniform: $65 ( 2 Under Armour game jerseys, 1 pair Under Armour shorts, 1 pair  Under Armour socks) All Players must weae the complete uniform kit.
 **** uniform will be in use for minimum through Spring 2019 ****

Under 4 to Under 6 Program

•       Each session runs for 8 weeks on Sundays
•       Each player will receive a team t-shirt. Players must wear shinguards and should bring their own size 3 ball and water.

Under 4 and Under 5
Designed to introduce the game of soccer, each weekly session begins with 30 minutes of instructional, fun drills taught by professional trainers in group form. Players then split in to their pre-assigned teams with a volunteer coach for a 25 minute game. The games are played in a 4v4 format with no goalkeeper. The games are overseen by the professional trainers.  Date of registration is considered for team formation decisions.

 Under 6
Designed for beginners and those graduated from the U5 sessions, the first 30 minutes consists of a practice about the fundamental techniques and skills of soccer taught by the professional trainers in group form. Players then split in to their pre-assigned teams with a volunteer coach for a 30 minute game. The games are played in a 5v5 format including a goalkeeper. To expand on the rules of the game throw ins and goal kicks are enforced and every game has a referee. The games are also overseen by the professional trainers.  Date of registration is considered for team formation decisions.

Weekday skills sessions are also offered for players U4-U6 (see schedule)

1st - 8th** Grade Program

The session includes:

  • 1 game per week on Saturdays. If certain divisions are odd some double headers, weekday/Sunday games may be played..
  • 1 practice per week at the coaches discretion.  The day, time and location is determined by the coach. The coach may offer a second day of practice at their discretion. If a practice day & time is a priority, then we encourage you to volunteer to coach.  NOTE: Players will not be moved from one team to another because practice times or locations are not convenient.
  • Skills training sessions with ESC professional training staff are offered once a week for 5 weeks during the season to further develop fundamental skills of the game. Participation in these sessions are optional and are at no additional cost.

New players to Ela Soccer Club will need to purchase a uniform.  

Team, gender and age combinations in any given season may vary based on registration to form developmentally appropriate leagues.    Players are sorted by geographic locations and schools.  We do our best to balance teams.  Date of registration is considered for team formation decisions.   Late registrants are placed on teams with openings . Specific team or friend requests are not taken. If there is a specific extenuating/carpool need we will do what we can to honor the request, however the request must be reciprocal. Both families must make the same request.  If a school or neighborhood does not have enough parent volunteer coaches, then players are put on teams in neighborhoods that do.   All head coaches receive a $25 credit for volunteering. If practice days and times are important please consider volunteering!  If more parents volunteer to coach at an age level than there are teams, then not everyone will be able coach. If we are short coaches at an age level we will request volunteers come forward. If no one volunteers the team is disbanded and players spread out among other teams. 

** 8th grade includes all players born 2003

Skills Sessions

Skills sessions are provided as part of the Fall and Spring recreation program for all registered players 1st -8th grade. There is no additional fee for these sessions.
The sessions provide a great opportunity for all players to work on their skill development with professional trainers.

Recreation Program Playing Level Policy

 All participants of ESC shall play in a league according to their grade.
A year is from Sept 1st through Aug 31st – encompassing the fall and spring outdoor season and the winter indoor season. No participant shall be allowed to play at a level below their age (play down) except in the case of extreme physical limitations. These exceptions need to be documented and approved prior to the season. 
 A participant requesting to play at an age level above his age (play up) can only do so by one of the following: 

  • attending a minimum of 4 weeks of skill practice sessions provided by ESC or
  • attending 4 days of summer camp provided by ESC or
  • a previous ESC Travel Player and
  • the recommendation of the Director of Coaching (ESC staff position).  
    A Player Evaluation form must be requested by contacting the Executive Director (jackie.marais@elasoccer.com ) and handed to the evaluator at the session. This must be completed and signed prior to team assignments each year. All exceptions must be approved/renewed on a yearly basis.