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Synergy Fitness and Sports Begins Sports Performance Training Pilot Program at Kits

By Esc, 08/27/09, 7:18AM CDT


ESC is excited to announce that Synergy Fitness & Sports, Inc. is starting a pilot training program at KITS offering the ULTRAFIT Athletic Mastery Training System.  A demonstration session is scheduled for Thursday October 15th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Kits.  The program scheduling and pricing details are still being finalized between ESC, Synergy and Kits.  Synergy will be providing free demonstrations of the Sports Performance Enhancement Program to coincide with the fall soccer season. Synergy’s track record for providing superior performance results for its client’s are exemplified in the many testimonials from Synergy’s professional and amateur athlete clients.

John McNulty, CEO of Synergy, describes the ULTRAFIT Athletic Mastery Training System as a program that “is designed to reach unprecedented levels of sport mastery and much higher standards than just good.  It’s an extremely demanding training system, it’s about much more than just getting big and strong. It’s about training PIPES (Physiologically, Intellectually, Psychologically, Emotionally and Spiritually) at all times. This system is geared toward long-term development.”

“Having Synergy located in our back yard at Kits will be much more convenient for our members.  We are hoping the better location and affordable program pricing will enable more of our athletes to maximize their athletic ability and on-field performance.” says Steve Morell, President ESC.  

John McNulty, “It’s about training at velocity, in the appropriate position, under load (against force), for the amount of time necessary, and turning muscles on and off properly to display the skill one wishes to achieve. Our goal is to complete all movements efficiently by using the correct muscles in the correct sequence. The foundation of this program is what we call the ISO-EXTREME positions. Through this program, everyone will learn to use the correct muscles to hold these positions and build strength that transfers throughout the entire range of motion. This strength will also be used to cultivate the ability to absorb force in that position, which is the key to preventing injury. Finally, we learn to create force from that position, moving powerfully and with purpose throughout the entire range of motion.”

In addition to the ULTRAFIT Athletic Mastery Training System, Synergy will be providing injury recovery and performance training services associated with the Accelerated Recovery Performance or ARPwave system.  Complete details on the ARPwave system and its history and benefits can be found at www.synergy-fit.com.  Program informational brochures including program pricing will also be available in the Ela office.