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Coaches Resources

Welcome to another exciting soccer season and thank you for your interest in volunteering to coach! Our success is largely due to those of you, who volunteer your time and energy to make this a great program where kids can have fun and learn about soccer!

Rules and Coaching Resources

The Coaching Manual

A wonderful resource for activities and exercises to train footskills and basic movements off the ball. May require a working knowledge of soccer concepts.

Nike Football Academy Youtube Videos

Nike Football Academy offers some great youtube videos to teach basic footskills in an easy to comprehend format.

1x1 Sport Youtube Channel

Check out the "Football/Soccer Training" Playlist of videos for some great activities to help train younger players.

Offsides Rule Dynamic Video

View this video for explanation of the offsides rule


Goal Safety Policy

All goals must be securely anchored when in use. For the safety of the players and to be in compliance with the state assocoation requrements  a physical inspection of the goals must take place before use in a game or practice. The Goal Inspection Form  must be completed by the responsible coach or parent. 


Each coach, manager and/or official of a team/club/organization must INSPECT & ENSURE prior to any activity that the fields, goals and portable equipment that they are using are safe and that the goals are anchored and STORED according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s and the goal manufacturer’s guidelines for the environmental conditions and that all of the goals have labels warning of climbing hazards. All unused goals must be securely anchored and/or chained to a substantial or permanent structure or to another goal. All portable equipment including but not limited to fences, tents and signs must be anchored and stored according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the environmental conditions.
Each club/team shall provide a copy of IYSA Goal Safety Policy to its club/team coaches, assistant coaches, trainers or other responsible persons.
Each club/team shall communicate to its club/team parents/guardians the dangers of unsecured goals and their responsibility to assure that goals are secure for the environmental conditions. 
For every club/team practice/game/activity, each club/team shall maintain a written record from each of its coaches, assistant coaches, trainers or other responsible persons certifying that he/she has performed a physical inspection of the goals used in his/her practice/game/activity to verify that the goals were securely anchored for the environmental conditions. 
Each league shall require each club or individual team unaffiliated with a club to certify in writing that it has in place a program to ensure that goals it uses are adequately secured, that its goals have been and will be inspected by a member of the club or team prior to each game/ practice/activity. Each club and team shall further certify to the league that it has communicated to the parent or guardian of each player the dangers of unsecured goals and their responsibility to assure that goals are secure for the environmental conditions. Each league shall certify to the IYSA that its clubs and teams have complied with these requirements prior to their annual registration. 
Any coach who participates in practice/game/activity where the goals are not securely anchored shall be fined not less than $200 and suspended for a minimum of not less than one (1) calendar year from the date of the practice or game involved. In the event the goal is not securely anchored, the entity (team, club, league, state) that has primary responsibility for the field or event upon which the unsecured goal is situated shall be fined $1000. Coach means the head coach, any assistant coach, trainer or any other team official present at the time of the violation. The entity against which a fine is imposed shall be in bad standing until the fine imposed is paid. 
Any person who is younger than 18 years of age is prohibited from moving goals. Only trained, capable adults may move goals and re-anchor them according to the goal manufacturer’s specifications for the environmental conditions in their new location even if that location is temporary.