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Policies and Procedures

The Ela Competitive program is committed to developing players, coaches  and referees in a positive soccer environment. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for players to play at the highest level commensurate with individual ability, potential and interest. To support this goal, Ela Travel provides professional training and coaching at all age levels, along with a myriad of programs designed to maximize player potential, character and sportsmanship.

Head Coach
Each head coach will be a professional soccer trainer. The role of the Head Coach is:

  • To train the team To coach during games
  • To undertake player evaluations
  • To hold two team meetings during the course of the year
  •  Be the first line of communication for team parents when a potential grievance is identified
  • To address concerns from parents concerning their child
  •  To communicate with their team relative to schedules, tournaments, etc.

A Head Coach may be coaching more than one ESC team. Because of this, there will be schedule conflicts that prevent the Head Coach from making it to every game. In these instances another ESC professional trainer will cover the game. 

Team Administrative Requirements

  •  Each team will provide the appropriate number of volunteers for each Club activity when needed.
  • Each team is responsible for any fees or expenses related to participation in tournaments, indoor field usage etc. that are above the levels committed to by the Club.
  • Each team is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate respect and good sportsmanship are displayed at all times by their parents, spectators and players.
  • Each team is responsible for ensuring that at least one parent form the team is present at every team practice and game.

ESC will hold tryouts for every age level during the spring soccer season. All players must tryout according to their birth year. These tryouts are designed to evaluate new and current players and ensure that they are placed on the appropriate roster. Roster decisions will be made by the Director of Coaching and the ESC professional coaching staff. ESC players are continually evaluated during the course of the soccer season. If deemed in the best interest of the player, the DOC may transfer a player midseason to a higher level team.  

Team Assignments
Team assignments are made by the Director of Coaching and the ESC professional coaches and are based upon skill level and capabilities. The Club reserves the right to assign individual players to teams that are not age appropriate, but better fit with the player’s skill level and capabilities. The Club also reserves the right to assign players to teams to ensure that there are enough players to field a team at a particular age group, as long as the assignment does not negatively impact the player’s development.

Girls participate in the Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL) and the boys participate in the Young Sportsman’s Soccer League (YSSL). From U12 and up teams may participate in the IYSA Premiership League or Midwest Regional League in place of the IWSL/YSSL.

Teams will participate in an internal league. 

Every team is expected to participate in tournaments each soccer year as laid out in the program and fee structure relative to the age group. Selection of the tournaments will be done by the Director of Coaching and will be based upon team development needs, variety of competition, etc.

Decisions to participate in additional tournaments are at the discretion of the individual teams. Entry fees, as well as trainers’ fees, accommodations, and travel expenses will be the sole responsibility of the participating team. The cost is divided by the players that have committed to attend and therefore once committed the fee is payable and non-refundable. All tournament fees, including those for additional tournaments, must be processed through the club office. For additional tournaments, the club will not process or forward any payment unless the full amount of the payment has been provided by the requesting team at the time of the request.

Ela Soccer Club does not have a policy on equal playing time for all players on a team. Playing time is determined by several factors including: attendance at practices and games; attitude at practices and games; and playing ability. However, Ela Soccer encourages all coaches to substitute so that all registered players have some playing time.

Training is mandatory. Ela Soccer Club has always and will continue to encourage players to play other sports, however, those players Under 12 and older,  accepting positions on the top team (Ela Elite MCL) must make the commitment that soccer trainings and games will come first before any other sports.  Players that want to continue to play soccer and soccer is not their priority are still welcome with Ela Soccer and will be placed on the Premier, Select or Competitive team and have the opportunity to earn time as a guest player. Make up practices for all level teams will only be considered for players missing numerous practices with an injury and must be approved by the Director of Coaching or Technical Director. 

Ela Soccer Club offers specialized training for the goalkeeper position. This training is in addition to the team training. If a player has a conflict a team training session can be missed.

Ela Soccer Club strives to project a professional image both on and off the field. The club uniform plays an integral part in the projection of club identity by instilling a sense of team pride and community within the organization. Players are required to wear only the prescribed uniform components to games and practices. The full kit is mandatory for all players.

Grievances or complaints about team matters should be directed to the head coach and, if possible, resolved at the team level. If the matter cannot be resolved at the team level, the head coach should present the grievance or complaint to the Director of Coaching. Grievances or complaints about the coach should be communicated directly to the Director of Coaching. All grievances or complaints given to the Director of Coaching will be reviewed with the Executive Director. The Executive Director has the authority to resolve the matter, make a recommendation to the Board, or refer the matter to the Board.
All grievances and complaints should be resolved in accordance with Club, IYSA and USYSA rules, policies and procedures. If no clearly applicable rules, policies, or procedures exist, the Board of Directors will make the final determination.

Fees for participation in the club cover the entire soccer year. A player who accepts an invitation to play with the Club commits to pay the entire fee for the full soccer year. No refunds, partial or full, will be issued to players who choose not to participate for any reason at any point after the commitment is made.  At the discretion of the ESC Board a discretionary credit may be considered for a season ending injury or for a relocation of 50 miles or more.  Requests must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director and must include proof of injury or relocation.  No refunds, partial or full will be made in the event a player is suspended or removed from the program.

Failure to pay fees on time will result in the player being suspended from play for all practices, games and tournaments. Upon receipt of payment, including any late fees the player will be reinstated. The player is considered illegible for play until all financial issues are resolved. Any fees incurred by ESC to collect fees owed including but not limited to collection agency and attorney fees will be added to the balance due.

The Executive Director must be notified in writing in case of circumstances preventing the fulfillment of fee commitments. Extended payment plans will be considered on a case by case basis.

Ela Soccer Club will honor requests for players to be released from an ESC team to join another club provided all ESC fees have been paid in full.  All fees must be paid prior to the release of the player pass. The player requesting the release is responsible for any fees associated with the release from ESC.

Late Fees
Registration Late Fee - Failure to submit the required registration paperwork by the designated dates will result in a $30 late fee. This fee must be remitted in addition to the minimum of the first installment to complete the registration process. 

Installment Late Fee - A $30 per month late fee will be applied to all accounts that are not paid by the due date. The late fee will be charged for every month the payment is late. The late fee remains in force and due even if the players pass has been pulled.  Any request for this fee to be waived must be submitted to the Executive Director in writing BEFORE the payment due date.

The Ela Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that no child shall be denied a roster spot based upon financial needs. To that end, ESC has established a financial assistance program to support needy families. The program allows for those families to perform additional volunteer duties over the course of the soccer year, in lieu of paying the club fees. Applications for financial assistance must be received before or at the time of registration. Applications are kept confidential.

All applicants for financial assistance will be required to provide proof of need. Funds are limited and the amount of an individual award will be determined by the number of qualified applicants and the total amount of funds available. Financial assistance is only awarded on the fees and do not include uniforms or any other team specific additional expenses. The program is monitored to ensure that participating families perform the expected duties. Those families who sign up for the financial aid program but do not perform their required duties will lose their right to participate with the club and lose the opportunity to participate in the program going forward.

Ela Soccer Club will seek additional ways to raise funds to help defray the cost of the program, and is open to suggestions. Suggestions should be forwarded to the Board for review. No individual team shall fundraise without the approval of the Ela Board of Directors. In addition, no teams are allowed to seek donations from current Club vendors and marketing partners. 

Parent/Player Agreement
Every parent and player consents to a code of conduct agreement and all club policies upon accepting an invite to join the club. This Parent/Player agreement sets out expectations relative to behavior, sportsmanship, and conduct as a member of ESC. By signing the document, the parent/player agrees to honor this agreement. Violations of the agreement may result in sanctions imposed on the offending member. These sanctions may include, but are not limited to: reprimand; suspension from the team and club activities and facilities; and in extreme cases, expulsion from the club. No refunds, partial or full will be made in the event a player is suspended or removed from the program.

Player Supervision
All parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. For those situations where the parent cannot be present, the parent must ensure that the child is supervised by another family attending the same event. No children should be left at an event unsupervised. Any situation where a child is at an event unsupervised must be immediately reported to the club office.

Recruiting Practices and Poaching
By accepting an invitation to join the Club, the player commits to playing in the Club for the entire soccer year. Any player or parent found to be actively recruiting Ela players to transfer to another soccer organization will be suspended for a minimum of one year and may be further disciplined by the Board of Directors. In instances where a parent is directly involved, and has more than one player in the Club, the suspension will be extended to include all other family members.

Sideline Behavior
Parents are expected to maintain a positive sportsmanship approach towards all players, officials, coaches, and other families before, during, and after a game. Verbal or physical assaults on referees, players, coaches or other parents will not be tolerated and will be cause for suspension.  In addition, it is important that parents avoid attempting to help coach players from the sideline. League rules require that coaches be located in the bench area during the course of a game. Teams that are deemed to be breaking this rule may be subjected to a penalty. By observing this rule, the parents also reduce potential confusion created when players receive instructions from multiple sources. Allowing the coaches to be the sole source of instruction during a game ensures that the potential for player confusion is reduced. Behavior by the parent or player in contravention to the player/parent agreement and/or deemed inappropriate by the Board will result in disciplinary action.

Guest Playing & Non-Sanctioned Event Participation
Ela Soccer Club is dedicated in providing a complete and comprehensive developmental program for each individual player. The club does not permit player participation in non-Ela soccer events. Guest playing or training for any other soccer organization for players is not permitted. Training with trainers from other clubs is also not permitted. A player commits to Ela Soccer Club for the soccer year which is August 1 to July 31st

Behavior by the parent or player in contravention to the player/parent agreement and/or deemed inappropriate by the Competitive Program Committee of the Ela Soccer Board of Directors will result in disciplinary action which may include but is not limited to the following:
1. Issue a letter of reprimand
2. Place on probation with such special conditions as are deemed appropriate
3. Suspend for a definite period of time not to exceed one (1) year from the date of the offense.
Disciplinary action may be extended to include all family members.
If the Executive Board finds the conduct of any player/parent purposely ignores the Ela Soccer Club Rules, Regulations or is detrimental to the objectives of the club, it may suspend the member, or take such other sanctions or actions deemed necessary under the circumstances.