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Ela Soccer Club is proud of the accomplishments of all of our players! 

Ela College Scholarship Winners

Anna Guzman

Anna has been an Ela Soccer player for many years, starting with Little Kickers. Throughout her time at Ela she has been an outstanding player and teammate. Anna always puts forth her best effort and is willing to put her teammates and the team before herself.  Anna embodies all the positive qualities we expect from our players and is a tremendous role model for future generation of players at our club.  We wish Anna the best of luck and know she will continue to find success wherever she goes.

On To College

Congratulations to our former players who have moved on to play in college.

Ryan Bobrowski - Augustana
Jaden Mcreary - Bradley University
Raffaele Consalvo - Elmhurst College
Shelby Mepham - Benedictine University
Edward Chukman - Miliken University
Adriana Gawronski - Dominican University
Elias Rojas - Aurora University
Charity Shaw - University of Wisconsin
Lisa Harwardt - Carroll University
Payton DeLuga-Whitewater WI
Lauren Otto-Whitewater WI
Jennifer Phillips-Saint Joseph's College IN
Ilya Kratsev - Judson College
Jesus Marquez- Roosevelt University
Steven Walcott- North Central College
Kevin Schenk- UW Osh Kosh
Maisie Cox - Illinois Wesleyn
Andrea Lamb - Trinity
Lauren MacNab - University of Indianapolis
Amanda Macuiba - Illinois Wesleyn
Alex Wilson - Concordia
Kate Arends - Indiana University
Carin Fearing - University of Illinois-Springfield
Clare Mazurkiewicz - Monmouth College
Molly Murin - University of Illinois
Alex Nasca - Illinois Wesleyn
Ashley Neubeck - Northern Illinois
Olivia Whalen - Univesrity of Iowa
Lizzi Sanscrainte - University of Illinois
Brooke Sill - Eastern Illinois
Kelly Brait · Dartmouth College
Kassidy Brown · University of Illinois
Haley Chmela · Valparaiso University
Jannelle Flaws · University of Illinois
Rycke Guiney · Marist College
Taylor Heatherly · Baylor University
Nicole LaPetina · University of Wisconsin
Deana Libricz · Northern Illinois University
Danielle Romano · East Carolina University
Hillary Scott  · Illinois State
2008 and Prior
Liz Burzynski - Trinity International
Christina Durante - Monmouth University
Kelsey Armour · University of Wisconsin
Katie Budd · Concordia College St Paul
Kim Carroll . University of Illinois
Alex Hauser · University of Wisconsin
Megan LeBaron · Southern Illinois Univ
Lizzie Perrenot · University of Illinois
Nikki Boland . St. Ambrose
Cory Zielke . University of Illinois
Reid Bergstrom . Indiana University
Edwin Lagunas . Dominican University
Kyle Seeger . Purdue University
Kate Tarquino . Carroll University
Brett Harper . Elmhurst College
Josh Khoshbin . Carthage College
Zak Khoshbin . Carthage College
Andy Lynch . Dominican College
Cody Callender . Carroll College

U15 Boys Elite - 2016 Region 2 Presidents Cup Champions